What’s Winning NOW? :: Clash Royale Meta Update w/ Woody! (F2P Edition) – Best Clash Royale Strategies

What’s Winning NOW? :: Clash Royale Meta Update w/ Woody! (F2P Edition) – Best Clash Royale Strategies

Wood is BACK! Let’s get caught up on the Clash Royale meta with one of your favorite guests, the Mortar Mauler himself. In this episode Woody and I will gear the conversation to free to play players (or players who don’t spend a TON on the game) and discuss what the best decks and tactics are for them to compete.

We’ll also talk about Night Witch and her impact in the game (we disagree slightly there) along with some general Clash Royale strategy talk. We’ll end things by discussing the Crown Championship and what it could mean for the future of eSports in Clash Royale. Enjoy!

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[Strategy] Card Popularity Snapshot #26 from ClashRoyale

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200 thoughts on “What’s Winning NOW? :: Clash Royale Meta Update w/ Woody! (F2P Edition) – Best Clash Royale Strategies

  1. Noah Arndt

    achievement of the day made a new five legendary cycle deck got to 3k lvl 9 and went 12 and 2 classic challenge

  2. Dr. Death Gaming Channel


  3. BluSpeed

    Another amazing video for thousands of players that don't spend money on the game. I've been playing this balloon freeze cycle deck that has gotten me to legendary arena and these tips will finally get me above the 4000 range. I've been burnt out on play CR an been playing CoC lately, but I'm getting back into playing now. I've gotten back my motivation to play this game because I've been tired of facing players a higher level than me or overleveled cards. Now I'm level 11 and starting to go back to my old main decks like lavaloon or bowler giant graveyard. As a f2p I have 5 legendaries princess log graveyard and my level 2 legendaries are the lava hound and ice wizard and I started playing since October. I never overleveled any cards because with cards being nerfed and gold usage. The only good way to gain commons rares or epics by donating. I rarely do challenges unless it's a special one. This video will help broaden my knowledge of what decks to play and still have fun with the game instead of getting burnt out. I always get burnt out because I always keep to a 3 decks. Thanks for the video Ash <3

  4. Gameplayer101gaming

    I have been waiting for the mortar mauler to come to this channel and make another one of these episodes with you😄😄😄

  5. Sam Chen

    Royal Giant may not be popular at the top of the leaderboard but at 4000-4200 trophies it is everywhere. Right now my battle log out of 20 battles 13 is royal giant so don't say its not op.

  6. FCBarcelona Bestmoments

    Ash acting like most of his viewers arent underage. lol On a serious note it's cool that there are actually so many adults who like this game.

  7. Brady Pahl

    Can we get a video on the goblin gang I'm so tired of facing it? Great video Ash always love hearing from Woody

  8. JuanDieX TM

    Yayyy Woody, my favorite guest and streamer with my favorite youtuber again!

    In my opinion, a wider variety of decks makes the game more fun, I've seen in twitter that a lot of people complain about the variety and this being a meta without skills, but wouldn't it be de contrary? if you're good enough, you should be able to even tie against a hard counter considering that your deck is balanced don't you? Maybe I'm not a top player and probably no one is going to side with me haha, I honestly think that, I've thought about it for a while actually
    BTW, in my county we can legally drink at 18 years old, great country :') okno haha

  9. Call me Donsley

    "multiple popular win conditions" maybe it's just me but in challenger currently and my match history goes something like this: Royal giant, Elite barbs, Elite barbs, Royal Giant, Royal giant and Elite barbs, Elite Barbs, Hog, Royal giant, Royal Giant, Lava Hound

  10. QMR Studio

    How do you register for the event?

  11. Max Musterman

    mortar rocket dude puke sry i migjt just be scarred from the early days

  12. FebDylan - Clash Royale

    Hi Ash 🙂


    I'm at like 3100 trophies,what's a good deck to get higher, I have all cards execpt sparky,miner,lava hound, ice wizard, and lumberjack

  14. Cryptic E

    Who else loves the way Woody speaks lol. He sounds so professional

  15. Akash Deshpande

    let me guess…. three muskies?? they're everywhere!!

  16. Despicable Minion

    My favourite guests are Woody and Tag.

  17. Lit tripping Glitches


  18. GrodX FTW

    No Notificanions i just see this on recomended Wo Im not early 😭😭😭😠😠

  19. Evan Iscaro

    I love the wide spread meta. Makes the game more fun to play because switching up decks still works.

  20. Clasher Boy

    If you think you need some love then just think about the tesla..i guarantee you will have a nice day 😂😂

  21. Lucky 13

    Hey ash I have L11 towers sitting around 4000 trophies. I'm free to play and running into the over level RGs and Ebards. I've been running minor control with Gpekka and furnace. I can out play RG and E barbs but then get crushed by lava loon and the cycle deck. Any thoughts on a good deck that can keep the RGs and E barbs at bay with out being a wash against air? None the less great work on the content if you can help us that struggle at the bottom of legendary arena it would be greatly appreciated! And as always take care Ash!

  22. astroboy pwns

    So hard trying to get to 3.8k, was 50 trophies away then lost 6 in a row to lv 11s @[email protected] lv10 miner2 babydrag4 megmin7 fireball8 log2 skarmy4 gobgang10 battleram7

  23. Jaydan Williams

    which mortar deck is the best?

  24. Jwhyte4rea l

    Haha I don't think u know what "woody" means in middle school😂

  25. Hay Ash, I started to watch you recently, and I love your content, is different from the other and I think that's the key, besides the quality that I should say it's quite high. Keep up the good work and best of wishes men, you deserve 1mill subs at least 👌👌

  26. _SilentXSparrow_

    Achievement of the day:I GOT MY E WIZ AFTER ALL THIS TIME!

  27. Midnight9131

    my freinds are stupid because they think that me getting card from shop is pay to win

  28. Jason Buller

    Great deck! Thanks for the great tips and gameplay

  29. Luke Maragni

    if supercell needs the hog rider and lava loon I'll come back to royale

  30. The Grand Greefer

    I think I beat you ash, I died when he said that

  31. Dillon Highsmith

    I'm getting real tired of this "it's not a problem at the top of the ladder so it's not a problem" mantra a lot of "pros" have been spouting lately. Sure royal giant and elite barbs might not be an issue at the very top but that doesn't mean they aren't an issue elsewhere. speaking personally i'm in a trophy range where if it weren't for the royal giants and elite barb users i'd easily be 4 to 5 hundred trophies higher than what i am. So just because things don't seem problematic at your high towers doesn't mean they aren't problems and don't need to be dealt with.

  32. Potatos R Fruit


  33. SAIDsoe


  34. ClashMagique

    stop with the beer stuff, were like 15 years old man lol

  35. HawksDen

    Hey ash, about your video yesterday and how it received hate. It's not anything you did wrong. It's mainly that people can't read. Screw the negative feedback and keep doing what you are.

  36. SAIDsoe

    Yeah 3 musky, gy cycle, and hog log bait is so diverse

  37. Leon Eaton

    Woody please don't make mistakes like this, "Everyone can compete in this event" im 13 ;(

  38. FourFelonysFlipper

    From a guy who copies all the decks i habe the cards for from ur pro v pro series, i can tell u the hardest part from a noob like myself is defending with these decks, if i may make a video suggestion ashm how about a defensive tutorial, show placements of cards for defending certain pushes, when not to over defend, where to play tornadoes, skeletons, the knight stuff like the , the stuff the pros do without even thinking to defend us noobs need to learn, one thing i have learned in this game good defense wins over offense, so a video focused on tips for defending eith cheap cycle cards would be amazing, i watch all ur videos, ur one of my favorite youtubers, hope u see this and thanx for all u do!

  39. "i need some mortar replays and like 20 min of filler" are u serious?

  40. Prince L

    I just want to ask other viewers and ash, should ice wiz get buffed to 100 damage it seems underwhelming as it is outclassed by all the other ranged medium units…. And I think ewiz is so op just for one more elixir.

  41. Muhilan Selvaa


  42. Garrick Zheng

    guys guys guys i just got the best card in the game!!

    I got the credit card

  43. David Gutierrez

    Hey Ash, love the conversation about beer, but some us aren't quite old enough to drink yet 😒

  44. Not scary enough

    When is CWA Merch comming

  45. I'm lvl 9 and currently in arena 8
    I was listening to what you were talking and played with an X-Bow chip cycle deck
    It's Wizard lvl 7 , X-Bow 3,Zap 8 ,minions 8, fireball 8 , Goblin gang 7,Inferno tower 6 and Ice spirit lvl 7
    I got matched up against level 9
    His deck is…
    E-barbs lvl 10 , Minion horde lvl 11 , Hog rider lvl 7 , mirror lvl 4 ,rage lvl 4 , Ice wizard lvl 1, Arrows lvl 9 and skarmy lvl 3
    It was a night mare
    I beat him in OT
    After that I just took off my hs and closed my eyes to take a deep breath
    I said to my self that I'm either lucky or I'm getting so good

  46. Humam Ismail

    aw dang i just started getting good in this deck and i see this f2p vid(im F2P)
    Electro wiz , log , graveyard, battle ram ,knight , gob gang , inferno tower.
    Ash do you know any good F2P graveyard decks u could recommennd to me.(if u ever see this comment)

  47. Rajdeep Gadgil

    I've mentioned this before, get 2 pros on the channel during 2v2 and have them play their signature decks against other ppl and see how their decks synergize

  48. jose cantu

    Ash, Can you show us a P.E.K.K.A deck?
    Saludos de México

  49. Mamoru Kin

    keep up the good work man!

  50. Matthew Ward

    No way woody is in DC…….I live in DC!!!!! Small world (and I'm 30 ash) haha

  51. Barry Ilow


  52. SlimShot

    Hate to say it but stats royale just made woody's snapshot useless btw I love mortar

  53. lol i use gaurds they are strong

  54. Just got my rg lvl 13 at level 9 im about to crush noobs

  55. Ryan Smock

    Mortar cycle is CANCER

  56. Man ash you're the best, I finally got to challenger 3 thanks to you're decks and tips.
    keep doing what you're doing man 🙂 love your work

  57. gaming tips

    ash can u bring back a deck with freeze

  58. Pushed to 4517 today as a f2p, hopefully I can get to C3 by the end of the season

  59. Chase Brooks

    im having a problem finding the alpha esports clan. what do i do?

  60. Dark Max

    Plz notice me senpai I love your vids

  61. Damian Allen

    Hey ash! Im not sure how often you do this, but i would love to be featured on the channel. I have qualified for bracket play (on 3 different occasions). Im really looking to get out there in the clash royale community as im super passionate about the game. I hit 5500 trophies with a graveyard deck. My account is nowhere near maxed, so i do know where the budget players are coming from! I have some ladder tips to help with players on a budget! I would really love to make a name for myself and become involved with the community! I love your channel! For anyone wondering, my card levels are as follows: lvl 13 knight, lvl 13 archers, lvl 3 graveyard, lvl 7 bowler, lvl 9 fireball, lvl 12 zap, lvl 9 inferno, lvl 10 mega minion. These are the only cards i can play on the ladder but i love playing splash graveyard at tournament standard. 🙂

  62. Dark Max

    Wow with all the subs you have it's nice to see that you respond most comments. This man needs an award 🥇!!!

  63. Gabe Donnelly

    who else has been waiting for this video!?!

  64. Jackwn - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale

    Ash you are such an awesome YouTuber for taking the time out to respond to all the comments even though you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers 🙂

  65. When woody said creativity I laughed
    The one thing that doesn't exist in clash royale is creativity between players

  66. John Handcock

    Achievement of the Day: rose up 310 trophies from 4k and reached my PR (Im a lvl 10 player). Beat a grand challenge 12-2!

  67. Anonymous

    Hey clash with ash next episode can you do the video about how to use the mortar like a pro?

  68. adway kasture

    I bought most legendaries and sparky was actually last after inferno drag

  69. Lord Fawful

    Ash, you're so awesome! Keep up the good work!

  70. yamir reyse

    this deck sucks

  71. AceBryan

    Im a F2P player
    Im at Hog Mountains Arena
    Im Lvl. 10
    Im bad

  72. tbh I think that witch is gonna be kind of op

  73. Ahmad Ahmad

    woke up: check ✅
    watched Ash my favorite​ YouTuber: check ✅

  74. OilersHobby 123

    I love your content:) Your so nice and friendly. Clash on and keep up the great videos.

  75. Jash Shah

    Hey Ash I had a question it would be very kind if you answered it. So in the video Woody said ewiz and log are top tier and princess, graveyard and miner are just below them. What I really want to know that lava hound is dominating the meta from a long time but in not even one top 5 legendary video I have seen it do you rank the legendaries by their versatility or lava hound is not that good

  76. GamingWith Expert

    My Achievement of the day :
    -I got to 4500 trophies
    -I completed my classic challenge FLAWLESS ( 12-0 )
    -Watched Ash's video to understand more about the current META

    P.S : The problem is that I only have my mortar at level 1..
    For Ash :
    Ash, you are like no other. Every single youtuber in the world has abandoned the comment section, even PewDiePie, leaving the comments like they were nothing. But there is only one youtuber, who brought back the comment section, reading every single comment, liking them because you love your fans. Ash, I'm so proud of you my man, why haven't you got your diamond play button yet?

  77. StevenFlo

    Hello is this   the krusty krab?

  78. xEagleKnightx

    Would you mind sharing a link with the new update changes please? I was saving so much gold to upgrade my elite barbs cuz I got tired of losing to them 🙁

  79. Jordan Naish

    please, please, please bring on Fxde I am interested in seeing what he is playing since the release of goblin gang and how his playstyle has changed

  80. Chyo Kun

    I started playng roughly two weeks ago and as of now I'm in arena 6 with 92 wins and 54 losses, I'm level 6 and my deck is:

    lv. 5 Hog
    lv 6. goblins
    lv 6 spear goblins
    lv 6 skeletons
    lv4 fireball
    lv 6 zap
    lv 3 inferno
    lv 4 valk

    Do you think I'm going to run into a wall due to people having higher troops level than me? I will not spend a dime on this game, and so far it's fun, but I don't want to stay in this arena forever just because I have to grind tons of cards before even having a chance..

  81. ZoupDe Loup

    "Deck diversity"

    I know right, Log-bait, Rocket-bait, Lavaloon. So diverse.

  82. KalemKrebs

    Any good hog decks?

  83. Sentinel

    if anything i feel they need to do a huge balance update and nerf the following: Mortar, Knight, Loon, Pump, and Gob gang(by rebuffing zap to one shot gobs)

  84. Paul Huff

    Achievement of the day: made a mortar deck ( not this one ) and hit 4K!

  85. vic phua

    ever notice the rise in E.Barbs + Hogs + Goblin Gang rush desks running around out of control lately?

  86. Tyler Walton

    Bring on ApocD21!! He's the guy right under woody!!

  87. Connor Vogt

    I played someone with level 13 elite barbs. Crushed him 3-0 and it felt so great.

  88. Kyrie 1rving

    Weird decks are really good now since the meta has been the same for a long time now and those weird decks catch opponents off guard

  89. Sundararaj Balamurugan

    lot of giant skele decks floating around jungle arena.. i peronally use the giant skeleton in my deck the bomb kills the offensive coming troops mostly its a bait deck where u make ur opponent spend everything to stop giant skele and then bait with a knight hog arrows push..really works try it out buddies.

  90. 7catstied2gether

    I'm 22 and I love the beer talk and greatly appreciate when u host older more chill guests. No offense to any of the younger players/former guests under 18 but I just prefer clashing with fellow adults. Just my opinion, hate me if you want kids.

  91. justin gregory

    I use:
    Inferno tower
    Fire spirits
    Can somebody give me feedback?

  92. Petru Torlac

    inb4 Beer Talk podcast on a second channel where you guys review beer and also talk about other stuff

  93. Seriously?  You announce up front in your clan chat that you need 20 minutes of filler… might want to do some better editing next time.

  94. Arjuz Z

    Achivement of the day: lost 6 in a row T_T

  95. Matt Plays

    that 2.8 hog from ages back is a great f2p deck

  96. Chris Hansen

    Achievement of the day: Finally got my royal giant to level 13 which allowed my to reach frozen peak for the first time! Love the channel ash your videos are great for someone such as myself who values strategy above overleveled cards and Pay to wins!

  97. P Biscuit

    Would love to hear more beer talk man haha

  98. CAMera4U

    I have unlocked all cards, and now only upgrading my cards. Soo almost lvl 12 🙂

  99. Matt Plays

    that rocket nado was beautiful

  100. Mata the One-X

    Looks like somebody still forgot Pro v. Pro playlist. Should I make it for you?

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    what was the deck with siege rocket tornado?

  102. Vis ion

    could u bring Buferete for pro tips of his electro mortar deck !!
    wil be glad if u do

  103. Cameron Russo

    honestly this game is pretty shitty, they cant even make a card do what it either supposed to do or not like a electro wizard not hitting two thing in front of it but then hitting a inferno tower across the map like that makes no sense what so ever

  104. Pripyati Gurkin

    goyson old meta. the jews worst enemy

  105. Samed D

    should I Upgrade my spirits to level 11 or 12 ? or should I wait

  106. Clash on

    hey ash i love you pro tips of video asap you will get more sub on channel 🙂

  107. Not Lucky

    Hey ash can you do another hog cycle deck? I've seen a player in the top 10 using this 2.9 hog cycle deck, I tried it and it seems very effective


    I want a "punisher" architype I made a punisher 2 crown three muskies. deck a punisher deck would be a deck that heavily realise on your opponent making a mistake. these decks would most likely be used by lower level second accounts but I think this deserves to be a architype

  109. Sayujya Vaishnav

    Considering U were the only one who said heal will be in the clone, rage tier of uselessness when most people thought it wud be actually good, i agree with what u think about the night witch even though most people think she would be underpowered.

  110. Weed Lean

    the fap meta

  111. Rahat Choudhury

    I've been asking myself this question for the last 2 months

  112. Monsibd The Adventurer

    F2P meta
    has 3 legendaries
    seems legit

  113. KhOrganization

    I've had a deck with princess and miner and it helped me get to 3157, I know it's not good for level 10 but I've trumped a lot of meta decks with it.

  114. bla bla

    I find the deck diversity still not enough! Like extreme fast cycle decks are still under powered! My deck uses 2.5 elixir and demands to think super fast and make decisions super fast! I feel like, a 2.5 elixir deck is handy to learn the game very fast. It is also very exciting in terms of gameplay.

  115. Russell Bailey

    I'm free to play and just saved up 500 gems (took me months) bought a legendary chest and got the e wiz so happy

  116. sage rozycki

    Does anyone else think that players should be able to choose their starting hand and card rotation? It would remove a lot of the luck from matches, and open the door for more skilled gameplay, and selecting a balanced/aggressive/defensive starting hand would be interesting.

  117. Eüro Nasty

    Woody is such a smart, knowledgeable dude (when he's not crying about mortar not working in the meta or that it needs a buff) 😜

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  125. the current meta is so unbalanced it's ridiculous

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  127. should I buy sparky

  128. Shyam Poduval

    I hate Clash with Ash because he acts like this game is so serious and the pros are like gods but really this game is played by kids and grownups alike. Stop taking this game so seriously and I get it you are trying to help us with some pro tips but you have to stop because you making these stupid videos are ruining the game and making it boring full of meta decks. Why cant clash royale just be a fun game to play rather than a competitive game? YOU HAVE TO STOP!

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  132. Παντελης Κυρκενιδης

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  133. Simon Richter

    Not saying legendary cards are super op, but I got myself as F2P (not a penny spent yet) a bandit level 2, e wiz lvl 1, log lvl 2, and graveyard lvl 1 :O :O :O 😀

  134. Diogo Moreira

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    Keep up the drunken, ups, good work ✌️🤜🤛

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  136. Harsh Karnani

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    PS:i have unlocked miner and sparky legendaries only

  137. 0pti0nalcrazy

    Legendaries arent that important tbh, ive seen tons of people using non legendary decks at 4500.

  138. Sajjaad Francis

    Lol what doesnt woody know?
    The man knows everything 😂

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    eh im f2p and have a pb of 4.9k as a lvl 10 life is hard up here

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  142. King Hydraulics

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  143. Marco Szopieray

    What the Hell ? Crative Decks and diversity ? Im playing against Bait and RG all the time ! No Joking (Challanger 2 & 3). There is a 10 % chance to face a opponent with no RG or Bait, and most of the time they play E Barbs. So i cant really agree that this meta is good … 😑

  144. Golian Vaiphei

    who else read the thumbnail title as FAP meta?😂😂😂

  145. Zolag_HD

    I also think it bad that the bracket time is always bo1 thats also luck based not only skill in this part of the full tourney

  146. Heads up for Belgian Beers


    nice video ASH, but woody sounds weird when he's telling us to over level your cards (gob gang/ minions) and smash other ppl and then hoping for opponents to not have over leveled cards (zap).

  148. jonathandiaz75

    hey nice video so much info but I have a ? do you think that supercell will do a challenge tournament for nightwitch or no?

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    Hey Ash I Am a begginer pro that wants to share a deck in the beatdown archetype with the golem but its so narly and surprisingly,without a pump! So it would be so so so appreciated if you could even share the deck i won't really get sad if you didn't get me on the channel.Thanks if you answer.

  174. frigginsweet80

    I new to your channel and I'm enjoying the content. It's definitely stands out from the other clash reviewer's. It's like a talk show for clash. Thanks for being original

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  176. Harambe

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  180. alphaman713

    Nice video good deck contents and thanks for the beer recommendations😄

  181. Oh Okay Then


  182. king farvahar

    only reason to buy a legendary is for 2 reasons
    1. if you really really want it.
    2. if you 1 more to upgrade it to another lvl. i did it with my ewiz and miner to 3. bc i use them alot in my deck

  183. That's my favorite beer too. Cheers!

  184. clash of clans with sam

    every one is early except for me !!

  185. Mohamed Mihoubi

    i take a deck play it twice or three rimes in ladder then just give up and believe either the deck is terrible or i suck at clash royale

  186. The Ztalker

    im 16 and can drink any alchol below 16.8% so don't worry ash

  187. Marijn Geldof

    Haha I'm a f2p at 4700 and I bought 7 legendaries, 3 of them are logs so I got log lvl 3😜 I have also got all of the cards. I get most of my gold from donating and challenges. E.g. in that gold challenge i got 12 wins. Nice vid as always btw

  188. anthony velazquez

    Unfortunately there is no original decks from what I see lately. Lavaloon, RG, or the OP elite barbarians EVERYWHERE! This game also needs better anti air!

  189. I disagree with Woody and Ash about leveling up all your cards to tourney standard. I did this on my main account but once you start to get above tourney standard you don't have gold to level up cards you use in your main deck so ladder can suffer. Only upgrade cards you actually use or your will never have gold

  190. yesss,woody is back!!😍😍

  191. Brian Etris

    Hey woody , if you read this, which which I hope you do, I also lived in the dc area for 25 years, and was quite the beer aficionado . A semi local brew, from Nelson county , VA (down int the blue Ridge mountains, right near Wintergreen ski resort ) called Devils Backbone, has GREAT beers. You will find I ant on tap In many local pubs around the dc area, and available in 6 packs at your local grocery store throughout northern va! ash, if you ever see this, try it! Another great one, if you want a bitter, hippy iPA, is Clipper City Loose Cannon. This is one of the best ipas, and has great fruity hop notes combined with with a sourness ans bitter bite that makes you a quench you jaw with every delectable sip!

  192. patricknava23 nava

    God bless you ash I really love your Chanel I'm a free to play player,

  193. Dominic Hill

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  194. SergeantLs

    is this deck only a challenge deck ?

  195. Spencer Mitchell

    Haha I had a good laugh over how hard woody laughed at 12:25 to the idea of buying a sparky

  196. SHNiNjaGaming

    ash I am a lv 9 in legendary arena with a personal best of 4269 and I am free to play

  197. Ruthless Marksman

    I spent $20 on Clash Royale and i cant tell you if you have electro wizard USE IT, IT IS A MUST, electro wiz goes with just about any deck you make

  198. Anchit Malhotra

    You guys are awesome man

  199. Carlos Escalante

    Dude I made it to the 2 phase of the crown championship but I'm only 15 years, but my birthday is only 19 days away and they won't let me participate. Ash if you can, can you ask supercell if I can participate in this tournament because the week of the tournament is my birthday so I'll be 16 by the time the tournament starts kicking off. The only reason I'm asking you this is because I think I'm good enough to win it all and if supercell gives me a chance I will make it pretty far

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