Clash Royale Chest Cycle App – Free Clash Royale Gems Golds and Chests

Clash Royale Chest Cycle App – Free Clash Royale Gems Golds and Chests

Wish you could get an app that allows you to see all of your Clash Royale stats? Today I have discovered an app on the Google Play Store that you can download that will do just that. It shows you all of your personal stats and much more.

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App details provided by the Google Play Store
——————————————————————————————— is the ultimate cross-platform community app for gamers. With on Android you easily chat with your friends or clans, join in on community discussions, and take advantage of powerful tools to give you a leg up on the competition in your favorite games. features:

• Real-time group chat channels – share text, images, and gifs
• Community discussion forums
• One-to-one private messaging
• Clan support – manage members and schedule events
• Push notifications – stay up to date with group chats, announcements, and events
• Game specific hubs – provides the latest news and media for your favorite games
• Advanced tools and tracking – tailor made for each game to help you play better

…and much, much more! is constantly evolving based on community feedback!

——————————— App Features ————————

[Player Profile] This feature allows you to see in depth all about your profile. From win loss ratio, current deck used, when you’ll get certain chests and much more.

[Clan Profile] Want to know more details about your clan? This feature shows you current rankings and more.

[Decks] Need to find out what decks are being used at the current moment? Now you can see what the current Meta Decks being used with this nice feature.

[Chat] You are able to chat with players from around the world to get tips and strategies.

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